For calling to Cuba from the outside:

  • To a land line: Country exit prefix (International exit code) + 53 (Cuba Code) + Local code + Desired telephone number.
  • To a mobile phone: – Country exit code (International exit code) + 53 (Cuba Code) + desired mobile number.

For calling on the inside to Cuba to local numbers: National dialing code + Locality code + Desired telephone number.


For calling from Cuba to the outside: 119 + Country code + Locality code + (local number)

National dialing code (codes of provinces of Cuba):

  • La Havana (7)
  • Pinar del Río (48)
  • Artemisa (47)
  • Mayabeque (47)
  • Las Tunas (31)
  • Holguín (24)
  • Guantánamo (21)
  • Isla de la Juventud (46)
  • Cayo Largoç (45)
  • Matanzas (45)
  • Cienfuegos (43)
  • Villa Clara (42)
  • Santi Spiritus (41) (42 Condado, El Pedrero, Tope de Collantes)
  • Ciego de Ávila (33) (32 Mamanantuaba)
  • Camagüey (32)
  • Granma (23)
  • Santiago de Cuba (22)

Through the Tele selection you can also make international calls with a card of your own in CUC.

The mobile phone services (The cellphone networks in Cuba is operated by the Enterprise of Telecommunications of Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), are available 900 Mhz in all the national territory in GSM and in 3G, available only for the Roaming IN service in the north keys of the country (La Habana, Varadero, Cayos de Villa Clara and Cayos de Ciego de Ávila) and in the provincial headings. Also have GSM access in the 850 Mhz, con limited cover to: La Habana, Varadero, Ciego de Ávila, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Holguín (Airport and Guardalavaca).

Roaming is the service that allows your mobile line stay operative when you travel to Cuba.


Commercial network of ETECSA.

Emergency Numbers in Cuba

Ambulance: 104 for all Cuba and 322366 Nueva Gerona, 248238 Cayo Largo, 399425 La Demajagua, 397390 La fe, 398189 La Victoria, 285023 Matanzas.

National Revolutionary Police: 106 for all Cuba and 399433 La Demajagua, 397016 La Fe.

Firefighters: 105 for all Cuba 248247 Cayo Largo del Sur.


Internet Access:

The public service of Internet in Cuba is offered through the Nauta access counts, in the navigation rooms and in the spaces of wireless connections (Wi-Fi) placed in different points across the country (prior hiring the service through prepaid cards)

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