Heritage of Humanity in Cuba

Cuba is one of the countries in the Caribbean that has more Intangible Cultural Heritages recognized by the UNESCO. More than 20 expressions and manifestations built the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, some peculiar as the Lecturas de Tabaquería and the Saberes de los Maestros Roneros.

Regarding music and dance, the following have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation: the repentismo, because of its indissolubly cultural value and because of the historic role that the poets played since the Independence war until today. The son, the most appreciated music genre, singed and danced through the history.



The rumba as the more genuine music-dance community expression of the Cuban national culture, and that has become part of the popular conscience, a lifestyle, a social behavior, a way of speaking, communicating. The danzón is an expression of the traditional Cuban music and an immaterial highlighted element of the nation.

In Cuba you can find 10 places and cultural expressions, declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • Camagüey Urban Historic Center
  • Cienfuegos Urban Historic Center
  • French Tombs
  • Alejandro of Humboldt National Park
  • Archaeological Landscape of the Firsts Coffee Plantations in the Southeast of Cuba.
  • National Park of Landing of Granma
  • Valle de Viñales

Castle San Pedro of the Roca of Santiago de Cuba

Historic Center of Trinidad and its Valle de los Ingenios

Historic Center of La Habana Vieja and its system of Colonial Fortifications

The National Monuments of Cuba are more than 260 and are included in the classification of sites, constructions and historical objects. Likewise, you can find 317 museums of different themes, located on all the National Territory.

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